We would like to thank you for visiting us today. And hope you thoroughly enjoy it .
With our many years in music and over time, we have  much to show and tell.
Since 1990 as the "Dave Logan Band" to the present, the "Logan Brothers Band".
The memories, the music, the songs, the pictures and the friends, past to present.
Take this journey with us to experience the life and times, of the Logan Brothers.
  But first let's introduce our members by name,  for those  who are new to us.

Dave Logan  -  Vocals/Guitar            Ed Logan  -  Vocals/Drums
                  Jim Cook  -  Vocals/Lead Guitar       Johnny Rhea  -  Vocals/Bass
Announcing the Logan Brothers latest release,
"Just Blame It On The Cuervo", is now available
for purchase.
You can find it Here At  CDBaby.com
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Dave, Went to the
liquor store. Back
in ten minutes. -ED
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